Monday, October 31, 2016

Hey this week has been really great! We have been running and doing all that we can to further serve the lord here in jutiapa. We have been very blessed and I'm sure that i have never been so busy in my entire life! I love it. this week we were introduced by our stake president that are amazing! they are called the familia lopez. I talked more about them I'm my voicemail Please know that i love all of you and i wish you the best this week! I am doing great! they Lord has truly been in each detail of our lives! This church is true. I might be able to send a file to you later on today with pictures of written letters and voice recordings. My shoes are starting to fall apart so I am looking for new ones. Its almost impossible to find shoes here but I can have some made. From what i can find its the best option. I still have shoes right now so don't stress out (mom) but it cost 400 quetzales. I think that's around 50 dollars and I will repair one of my pares that is still salvageable. so just let me know next week what you think!

Elder Baldwin

Dear Grant, 

Happy Halloween🍁🍁👽🍁🍁,

Today I took the day off, took it off in May, knowing that Halloween would be on a Monday. I scheduled a "doctors" appointment. I even arranged a substitute back in May! Later on tonight we are having a community trunk or treat. I entered some chilli into the chilli cook off, not counting on winning. Today before the doctors, I am going to the temple. I go every week, it has been a great blessing, almost a driving force now. I have never gone to a Monday morning session, looking forward to it. I still want to have Erin, dad, and I go do baptisms for the dead together, as you suggested; such a great idea.

Anita is here on her way to England. It is so good to be with her, my best friend. They sold there home in Ferron and Dave is waiting for job offers along the Wasatch front. He is retiring from the police force and going into insurance sales/fraud. So, they are renting in Ferron right now. I know great. Maybe Anita and I can get closer together eventually!

So exciting to hear your voicemails--keep them up, I play them throughout the week! We love to hear your voice. Can you get ours? I changed the format hoping you can listen to them.

Love you💟💟xxoxoxoxo,


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dear People,

This week has been awesome! We have been so richly blessed in Jutiapa. Early this week we decided that as missionaries in our zone we were going to focus on serving the members of our wards and branches. So we committed to serve members for at least and hour each day. We started by helping a family clean the church this past Monday and from there we cut the grass -Guatemalan style with machetes- painted, cleaned dishes, homes, pushed wheelchairs and lifted a thousand heavy things for the relief society. We enjoyed it and the members in our ward got a laugh our of the missionaries cleaning up for everybody. I can honestly say that I Love the people here in our area. They are the best. At some point this week somebody asked us why we were using our time to do chores that seem to have little merit. We responded with smiles that the if we serve with real intent we are serving the Lord. And that there is nothing that has more merit in the world, He paused, thought about is for a moment and then said, "Elders I am lawyer, When you need any help getting people married come and talk with me and we will get it solved, I cant do much to serve physically with my strength - He is elderly- but I can do something! "
WE are working still with Miriam, Yuli, and Gabriel. They each have baptismal date for this coming Saturday!

I hope your all have a great Week. Elder Baldwin

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hi Grant we're at Cole and Emily's apartment right now and Logan it's Sunday and we're getting ready to go to their church it starts at 12 and we're just gonna stay Sacramento and then we're going to head home to St. George. Cole and Emily are going to perform in their choir is probably three people in the choir reducing teach me to walk in the light.Last night Emily, Cole, Jim, dad, Erin and I went to the Wellsville river river bottom corn maze. We actually went to a corn maze and a haunted walk. It was really fun especially the haunted walk it was a good one;  long and really scary. Jim had a a little bit of a hard time, he is out of shape and needs to actually start walking, in my opinion, more. Also, yesterday afternoon we had grandma Baldwin's memorial at the Web Funeral home. Grandma And Grandpa Barlow came which was really nice of them to come. It was really great to see people we haven't seen since Grandpa Baldwin's funeral I'll send you some voice recordings of the service. Later that night we went to Chuck a Rama in  Logan and met with the family again. Again it was great to see everyone. It was a healing time I know there was a lot of feelings of sadness when it came to grandma Joye Baldwin and we learned a lot about her life and her struggles which I think helped understand her more. I'm so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives it was made evident again at the memorial yesterday.

Your investigators sound great and dedicated, living so far away, the sacrifices they make to come to church!!!

Let me know if you are able to access the voice mails. I will send them in another email.

Jim is hairless because he was called to work at the temple on Friday nights as a veil worker.🍁🍁

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Right now we are watching home videos- when you learned how to ride your bike, your 3rd birthday---you are so cute!!!! I want to pull you out of the video and just give you loves!!!!

I have a question: anyone can repent and be forgiven but in order to be cleansed from sin- one needs to have the gift of the Holy Ghost correct? The Bible dictionary has this reference :
The gift of the Holy Ghost is the right to have, whenever one is worthy, the companionship of the Holy Ghost. For those who receive this gift, the Holy Ghost acts as a cleansing agent to purify them and sanctify them from all sin. Thus it is often spoken of as “fire”.
It specifically says those who receive the gift the Holy Ghostt acts as a cleansing agent to purify and sanctify. So being forgiven and sanctification are two different things.
What are your thoughts?

Yes, I loved the talk from President Ukdorf "Four floors up , last door" What faith is and what it is not.
So you are getting a new companion from Chile and staying in the same area as a Zone leader?

Jaden Roberts gave his report today, he came home from the California Fresno mission Spanish speaking. So he had a year in Peru, came home and fixed his knee, went out again for another year to finish. He did a great job! so humble and strong in the gospel.

Here is the audio in a different format, let me know if it works.
xoxxoxox💟💟💟💟 , Love mom.

Hey mom! I wish i had a bike right now! time is the enemy and a peddle bike would help us cruise:)

We can start our repentance process before receiving the holy ghost (before baptism) but true and complete repentance can only come through baptism by immersion( for the remission of our sins). True baptism includes baptism by fire or receiving the holy ghost by the laying on of hands, so we can only truly repent if we receive the holy ghost. I feel like being forgiven and sanctified are different things but when we are talking about repentance the are eternally connected. One cannot be sanctified without being forgiven and one cannot be forgiven without being sanctified. It is a choice. If we use our agency to accept the atonement in its fullness we effectively choose to act and receive the promised blessings of forgiveness and sanctification.

Wow great job jayden for serving the full two years. He is a solid guy and I'm sure that his report was great! 
So this week i did receive elder belmar. we are the zone leaders in Jutiapa! this is elder belmars first time as a zone leader and we get along great! this month we are so excited for our ward!

this week has been awesome! we have been working hard and burning up our shoes! We had a stake conference Sunday and it was a great experience to take a bus out to Jalapa to attend. We Brought Miguel, Yuli, Miriam and Julio to the conference. They are great examples and are sacrificing to know the gospel. They all are preparing to be baptized this month and we are working hard with them so that they may know the gospel in its fullness( or at least start) and live it. I hope that you all have a great week this week. Know that I Love you and that I am doing great!

Monday, October 3, 2016

This week has been Great! We have been so blessed as we have been on the Lords Errand in Jutiapa this past week. To start off the week we had been working hard with Adelina to help her stay strong and keep progressing. She is awesome and has kept all of here Commitments! On Friday we got up early in the morning to go to a mission council and we were on the bus for a very long five hours each way due to heavy end of the month traffic. Please count your many blessings that you don't have to have that kind of traffic:) the meeting was inspired although the way was hectic. We Left as soon as we could when the meeting ended forgoing fotos and lunch and ran back to our area. We arrived at5:15 at the church and just in time to meet Adelina arriving with many ward members for the baptism! the baptism was awesome, I am amazed and honored to see the hand of the lord work in the details of our lives. The atonement is so real and yes, so essential for our peace, happiness and growth. This weekend We were also blessed to listen to living prophets and living apostles and leaders of our living (and loving) heavenly Father. The messages were inspired and I hope that you feel as i Did, that each word was directed specifically at you. One of the thought shared by Elder Stevenson really impacted me. In essence he said " As you bear witness, Witness is born to you." I know that this promise is true. The great commission to share the Gospel is so important! The way that we see people is how we treat them, and the way that we treat them can be a determining factor on who they will become. I feel that each of us as servants of God can see his children with his type of perspective if we so desire and strive to be able to do so. To see them worthy of divine rescue. I love this work and I testify the blessings that come through sharing the Gospel. Joseph Smith was a Profeta, Jesus Christ lives, and the Book of Mormon is the work of God. Have a great week!

                                                                    ADELINA'S BAPTISM 9/30/2016

Dear Elder Grant,

Thank you for the Scripture: Mosiah 2:9--I read it and it is so good to be prepared. Conference has been wonderful!  Really every talk is so sacred and special. Some in particular: The sweet Elder from Japan:Kazuhiko Yamashita of the 70: Are we Ambitious for Christ: to be on the covenant path we: 1) Serve faithfully 2) accept humbly 3) endure nobly 4) pray fervently 5) partake worthily. The elder reminded me of you and your diligence-the elder who had one leg and a prosthetic leg; so humble and willing to serve. Another talk-by elder Cornish on: you are good enough if you really try, repent, don't rationalize and don't rebel.

The temple opened up on the 26th, I was able to to some sealings and put your name in---particularly for your health, sorry to hear you have been sick, I could tell a couple of voice mails ago that you sounded congested. 

It is probably a good thing to be sleeping in a hammock--- at teacher I teach with served her mission in your mission; she said the fleas were out of control-especially in the beds; have you found that to be true? So If it were me I would sleep in the hammock if it is conducive to your back. I loved the message of Elder Ochoa-to have the doctrine of Christ written on our hearts and to have faith unto repentance- the fruits of repentance--what are the fruits of repentance?

Erin had her first Homecoming Dance, she went with a great group of kids. If fact on the way up to the day date, they listened to conference. The guys wanted to break up the dance and go to the priesthood session Saturday night, but the moms convinced them otherwise.