Friday, February 17, 2017

Jackson proposed to Maddie, he girl he took to he Preston Rodeo last July!!!!!!
He proposed Valentines day, it was a surprise:) He had told her the week before that he was not going to propose, Maddie has been hoping every holiday since Thanksgiving that Jackson would propose. They are getting married June 24th, so you will be able to be there. I know so freaky, I cannot picture Jackson marrying.

J.j. has been communicating with a girl from Brazil. I know Holy Cow, online long distance relationship. She seems really great: returned missionary, convert to the church. He sent her chocolates and flowers so I think it is pretty serious. The family found out because she faced booked thank you and Valerie said "what is this?? etc. Jj seems really happy and peaceful, I hope it works out for him. Her name is: Denislene Ribeiro

Cole had a big interview, a 6 hour process to gain acceptance for a masters program in human resources that would begin next fall. Pray for him that he committee will accept him.

Attached are James the Mormon pictures from the concert last week.

Sunday I am substituting for he Valiant 8-11 boys on the restoration of he priesthood. I have enjoyed studying he lesson, I know the priesthood has been restored and the church is true. 
This morning run, I listened to the conference talk "the doctrine of Christ" over and over the entire run, I learned more every time, Love that talk!!!!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hello, Elder Baldwin

This week went by fast. I had a different week: on Bdays I substituted for another sped teacher, Mr. Toommey, in our building. He was gone for the week up to primary children's, his 1 month old boy contracted RSV and he was life flighted up there. The school could not find a substitute who could sub for a life skils teacher, it was easier to find one for me. Mr. Roden, the teacher I co-teach with was not very happy, but it was a nice change for me. Mr. Toomey teaches life skills and a math lab for students who are SLD. It was fun to interact with different kids.There was one student who did not speak; he was a runner. We ran the track outside for adaptive PE I every time I tried to make conversation with him and try to run along side him, he would run ahead of me. Today I sat on the edge of the field near a public library entrance. I was paranoid he would just up and leave campus. We also danced around the lunch room in a line to the music "party train" by the Gap band. It was really fun. Mr. Toomey's son has improved, therefore I think he is coming back Monday.

We received your report papers for June 14 when you come home and I want to apologize for distracting you last week with the voice messages that had James the Mormon in them. I realize, it might have been a distraction to you. I will not bring up anything other than what is happening here and what you are doing., lo siento.

The familia Morales, sounds wonderful, epecialmente los ninos. Is the Volcano Fuego always errupting?


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hello Volcano??????? That is so crazy.. right? 
He sounds so humble.. i love what he said about worrying about getting casual about the doctrine of Christ.
I understand why he would worry but at the same time we are promised that the more we learn of him the more we will love him and know him.
I also just think its a maturity thing, the older I get the more I understand the significance it myself. 
Hes a great missionary. I'm going to be so sad when these emails don't come anymore. they definitely lift me up.
love you


Hey family! this week has been great! Thank you so much for all of the help that you have given me in school application! I am so thankful! 

SO this week we have been super blessed. A week and a half ago we received a worldwide training about teaching repentance and baptizing converts! It was a powerful training and something that I have been reflecting on this last week. As I started my mission I had a fear I that i would start to treat doctrine of Christ with casualness because we explain it multiple times each and every and the more often we treat some subjects they less impact they seem to have on us. As time moves on i am learning that the just the opposite affect has taken place in my life. I have never been so thankful for the Power of the Atonement in my own life. Each opportunity that i have to share the gospel is now a delight for me. I know that it is true and that the attitude that we have towards the sweet truths of the gospel can either help us grow in light and truth or assimilate attributes of darkness. 

This last week we have been preparing the transfers for this week and it has been really busy. We are in charge of planning the actual transfer after president councils with the lord to know what they will be. Time is always our most precious and most scarce resource! Yesterday we were able to have a great lesson with a family named the familia Morales. They are a family that Has been progressing very well. We contacted them a few weeks ago and since then they have been making leaps and bounds towards Mayor Luz y entendimiento. They are a family of 8 and we have become they best friends of the littles one of the family! They always shout ELDERES when we walk up to the house! Yesterday we decided to have a lesson in which they could ask whatever questions they had. The spirit was present and we were able to answer questions like, How should we be baptized? How do we recognize the spirit? What is the difference between baptism in this church and baptism in the others churches that we have attended. We love Questions as missionaries and especially that come from the heart. We answered them and when we left the family seemed to glow! It was a great lesson. Our questions of the soul are essential to help us learn! 

I want each of you to know that I love you and that I pray for you all the time! 

Thanks for your letters this week and thank you for sending my License! (we got a new car on Thursday so it came just on time!)

volcano Feugo