Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Dear Baldwin Family,

We are pleased to inform you that your son, Elder Baldwin has been called to serve as district leader in this mission of District La Villa.  We are confident that he will do well in fulfilling the responsibilities of this important calling.
Our mission is divided into 12 proselyting zones.  Each of the zones consists of two to four districts.  A district is composed of four to eight missionaries.  As a district leader, your son will supervise the missionaries in their work and he will direct the weekly district meeting.  In order to teach and train his fellow missionaries, he will frequently exchange companions and work with each elder in his district.  Another of his sacred responsibilities is to interview candidates from the district for baptism.
Your son will find his new calling as district leader to be challenging and rewarding.  He is a good example of obedience, dignity, and diligence to his fellow missionaries and as he leads his district with enthusiasm and dedication, he will be contributing to the growth of the Lord's Kingdom.
You have a fine son and we appreciate his willingness to serve the Lord here in Guatemala.


E.J. Caffaro
Mission President

Dear Baldwin Family,

It is with pleasure that we inform you that your son, Elder Baldwin, has accepted a call to serve as a Financial Secretary here in the Guatemala City South Mission. We have implicit confidence in him and trust the Lord will bless and sustain him in his new assignment.
As you are well aware, proselyting is the main focus of our work here, but for the work to progress well, there is a great need for a support team so that the missionaries can focus on their assignments in their areas.  Therefore, your son will work closely with me in coordinating the affairs of the mission.  I place great confidence in your son by extending this call from the Lord.  He will continue to proselyte in the evenings in his assigned area, however the great work he will perform in the office will bring countless blessings to the people of Guatemala.  He will come to realize that all things are spiritual before the Lord, that he will have the same spiritual experiences here in the office as he has had in the field.  Through his example, he will lead and motivate others to ''serve with all their heart, might, mind, and strength''  (D&C 4:2)."
You have raised an obedient young man.  No doubt he will represent the Lord with dignity, love, and devotion as an Executive Secretary in this marvelous work.

Sincerely yours,

E.J. Caffaro
Mission President

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Hey Baldwin Family! 

Well this week has been great! it has been full of Very Early mornings and very late nights Planning special transfers for missionaries that finished their missions and we able to go home before the actual transfers that we will be having on the 27 so that they could spend Christmas at a home. We also we involved in 3 days of Multi-zone conferences for our mission. We Ran so much and slept so little but the spirit has been so strong this entire week! I love this time of year and all that we have been given. All this week we also have been visiting with our investigators nyeli, Estella, and Dyrine. They are all doing well and are progressing so well. On

 we made special plans and two missionaries came with me and two missionaries went with my companion to another part of our area. We visited Estella and Ericka (a recent Convert) and Dyrine her sister and shared a lesson with them based on the Plan of Salvation. Their spirit was super strong and they had so many inspired questions. The doctrine that God Literally is our Father and not just an abstract thought or an Unknown Mysterious being is something that has really helped them Progress! They really have never thought of having a personal relation with our creator! I am so thankful that we know who our Heavenly Father is and what his great plans and Expectations for us really are! I i will Keep you posted on them:)

I have been doing Great and am loving my area! I am grateful for the Gift of Christ and his love for each of us. Today we slept in a the ^white house^ of our mission and woke up at 230 with misioneros to drive them to the airport! later we had and awesome service project painting a house and then we figured out that there is a Costco in our area so we went and bought hot chocolate and fruit for the holidays! I truly love my mission!

Thanks for the picture! Looks great! I will be calling on skype the 25th at 3:00 Pm Guatemala time!:)

Saturday, December 3, 2016

This week has been really great! This past week We have seen so many miracles! Ericka was baptized this last week on Sunday and her baptism is was amazing (although a little cold)! our ward helped her have and amazing experience. She has continued progressing this week! Yesterday we visited her family and taught the atonement! She expressed how thankful she is to be able to know the gospel and we all felt the spirit so strongly! Another Great experience that we had this week was yesterday in the evening! Yesterday, We helped with a training meeting that was given and ended the day very late due to the traffic that clogs the street here during this time of the year. We only had time to make one visit by the time that we arrived to our area. We felt impressed to go visit a recent convert that had dropped off of the map these last few months. We both hesitated to go because he lives way up on the border of our area. After a moment of contemplation, we followed the promptings and took off running though the traffic, dodging cars and playing hopscotch through the streets until we got to his house. We shared a lesson based on Eternal Families and the temple. As we talked, the spirit was so strong, and a little ways into the lesson Caterina (the wife) shared with us that she has been noticing a major change in her husband and children since they have joined the church. She said that she hoped that one day she too would be able to be a member of the true church! She accepted a Baptismal Invitation for Christmas eve and we are working as hard as we can to help here progress! I know that God Blesses us and that when we lack wisdom, we can ask and receive! 
I love you all and hope that you have a great week! 
Elder Baldwin


Dad and I sent you a voice recording, it was actually Friday night, last night, not Saturday night.
Loved your voice message, if you can keep them up.

It has been cold here this last week, I jogged in the morning before school and it was 27 degrees, but I was warm. There has been a dusting of snow and snow in the mountains. I love the cold and I am glad for the reprieve of the 100 degree weather. 

Yesterday at my school we had a silent auction. The money raised goes for needy students' families in our school, so sub for Santa's for them. I spent 203.00! I am going to use my purchased items as gifts for the neighbors, visiting/home teaching and Erin's friends for Christmas gifts.

We are having a Christmas program/party on Dec. 17th. Instead of being assigned the names, this year they want us to think of nonmember names we know and them to Brother Everett(ward mission leader) and then we give a treat/bread to them with an invitation to the party. I have thought of 8; I can use the baked goods from the auction to give to them;). I think this is a better idea than trying to give you people you do not know an invite. It was so forced, fake and ungenuine: Every year, only once, to come to the same people's door and say "Yes, it is me again, inviting you to our the Christmas party, see you next year:)."

Speaking of Christmas, I assume we are going to be skyping from the mission home? We will be at Angie's or Grandpa and Grandma Bar lows on Christmas day so that will be fun if we get to skype.

this Christmas no package😕, but Grandma and grandpa sent me 50.00 and we will send 100.00 so I will let you know when it is in you debit account. It will be in addition to the 200.00 that is normally in your account.

Mom xxoxoxoxoxoxo