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Stephen Baldwin

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Hey dad! thanks so much for your letter! I Love you. It has been different adjusting to this culture. It is so opposite in every way! My campanion is good. he is a very good teacher and there is much to learn from him. We have been learning togather and trying to fill the gap of cultre differences. Sometimes the atomosphere and attitude towards work is a little too relaxed so I am trying to bear down and think of ways that we can overcome this with good feelings toward each othe. the language is the obstacle in this. How long did it take you to learn the language. Do you  remember? I recieved the package with your spanish book this week and have been studying it fervently! I am learning so much. I Love you! make sure you use the dillon for me! Also happy 25 years for you and mom. Please tell her and Erin how much I love them!give them a hug for me!

Grant Baldwin

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to me
Hello familia! This week has been a huge learning experience! We are striving to work hard and do all that we can to help the people of our new area! This week has also been very busy for me. We had 2 divinsions this week. I left our area for both of them. One of the companions that I was able to be with was also from utah and it was refreshing to be able to clear some looming questions up in english. The language is progressing but i will admit that i would love to be able to skip forward in time to when i will be able to understand others and express my thoughts. ( there are only 3 people in my zone that speak english very well and none of them are in my district) but i have faith that this will hopefully accelerate my learning! The second exchange was with another elder from mexico that doesnt not speak any english! I learned alot! This week we also had the amazing opportunity to have a live broadcast form president nelson! It was so enlightening! Origionally we were schelduled to have a live conference with him but due to security concerns here in guatemala with the upcoming elections there was a broadcast from el salvador! He spoke about the atonement. I learned so Much. I am so thankful for the blessing of the atonement. i truly know that because of the atonement we can find relief and comfort rom all the trials and problems in life! our savior knows us perfectly and we can be enabled and strengthened to overcome ANYTHING.One other thing that president nelson said that I found very profound was -The Lord often accomplishes the impossible through the unlikely- This is why it is so important  to strive for the constant companionship of the spirit and then be worthy to discern the will of the lord so that we can accomplish his work.

Im glad that President stucki talked about bucky.It  just wouldnt be the same without a good ole story about bucky! MOM in answer to your question the sister that cooks for us is payed. It is a mission rule that at least 2 of the meals that we eat here every day are cooked at a comedor. She also washes our clothes and she is amazing! We do not live close to a walmart unfortunately. Maybe next time! I will admit that this would have been very helpful my first week. I took my about a week to find some blankets and sheets that were not used in the small street market in our area. They are all disney theamed fleece blankets but i was thankful not to have use old preused bedding. Also we mostly have to drink water out of these little bags! It is a very different culture here! Also this week i recieved the package with the book! THANK you so much. I cannot express how much this meant to me. ERIN. Thank you so much for your card! I Love you. I dont have a way to cook the cake right now but we are working on figureing something ouT:) DAD- I Hope that your cuerpo heals up quickly! make sure that you get those ribs healed up and your hunting season Is good! I am so excited for you this fall i hope that you are able to make some good memories. I hope work is going well and you can make the trip to see pat next month! 

I love all of you so much! you are in my prayers every day.

please tell the stephans and the stingleys thanks for their letters. They really mean alot to me! please let them know of my love for them.
also please excuse my spelling. Time is short and the computers are a little strange.


Whoa, a new area! Your president must have confidence in your trainer and yourself; to open re-open a new area....most likely it was shut down because of disobedience....So you need to make sure you are obedient.....that is key no matter what even if you are teaching or frustrated with your teaching....keep being obedient and you will have peace. 
   Hopefully your trainer is great and a great example of hard work and obedience....if not, you be that way.
   Your pictures are amazing------wow! hopefully you are adjusting....might take months to adjust to the living conditions, give yourself time and patience. How is it that the Bishop's mother in -law cooks for you twice a day? out of the goodness of her you pay her? Does she live near your apartment? Is the Walmart in your area?
    I am so excited for you...we had Stake Conference today. They ratified your name...BTW,  Erin and I were in the choir, my main motivation was so I could have a comfy seat, Erin's was more righteous, she wanted to be near the area authority-Elder Jensen; he spoke on the atonement, the power of the atonement---the story of his family and how they were reactivated and eventually were sealed together in the temple. How his father still stumbled after the temple--with word of wisdom problems--but he didn't quit and give up---that is the key all of our failures are changeable except the ones you give up on. The enabling power of the atonement is grace not only after all we can do but DURING the process. Mercy is the redeeming power, Grace is the enabling power. Elder Jensen also mentioned the Elder Neilson Mentioned the Wave of Righteousness that is sweeping the Earth--but it is not enough for what lies ahead.  I do not think I will be prepared for what lies ahead--I will just have to do it---to go through it.
   Of course President Stuki could not speak without tieing Buckaroo into his talk, YES he had 2 spots: here is an excerpt:
  One time Deb and I were having family home evening with Bucky and Deb was asking him some questions----she was concerned whether Buckaroo thought whether he would be able to go to heaven or not, and so she asked him "Bucky do you think you are going to Heaven?, What do you think his response was? of course he wagged his tail enthusiastically. He knew where he was going. Then Debra asked him another question, parents be ware don't ask a question you do not want to hear the answer to, "Bucky are mom and dad going to be in heaven with you? there was a pause and Bucky ducked his head and looked at us." We could still see the sparkle in his eyes, his tail stayed still, he wasn't sure about us. I laughed I could tell Buck was teasing and he liked to tease, at least I hoped he was teasing. But then again from Bucky's perspective it wasn't up to him whether or not we went to heaven. it was up to us, Deb and I individually, Buckaroo could only really answer for himself. 
    Another excerpt.
     I had Buck go to the Frost stop with me for dinner we would both order a corn dog and fries that was Buckie's favorite, we'd take my little pickup and Buck would sit in the front seat with me and I would park in the car hop and they would bring our food out to us. I'd get his hot dog ready and his fries but he wouldn't stop eating until I would put ketchup on his fries, but then again so do I. I'd take a bite of my hot dog and then take some pieces and give it to him and that was the way we would eat trading bites, occasionally we would take some fries with ketchup. Those were good times. It was really fun to watch the waiters as they would come up to talk to Bucky, pointing and smiling and sometimes waving, Bucky was a celebrity ---a dog that likes ketchup, it was a funny thing Bucky liked ketchup and tomato soup and salsa and tomato sauce but he would eat raw tomatoes. He didn't like them, but neither do I and there is a reason. raw tomatoes can teach us a lesson about the plan of salvation and about our eternal destiny. In  its raw state, the tomato is living out its terrestrial existence......etc.

Love Mom!!!xoxoxoxosxo

Hope you have had a great week! Glad to see the wonderful pics of your area and your companion. is he? I know that sometimes It can be difficult in a lot of ways to have a native companion...even though he is from Mexico. Just the cultural differences can be interesting to navigate. However, if you both have your heads and hearts in the right place you will have a great companionship. 
Hope you are having success teaching people. Are you sleeping well? Have you been able to get furniture for your apartment? Send us pictures of it once you get it set up. Are you feeling well? Do you get a chance to exercise? Just curious about the daily schedule you have.
Tonight Cole and Emily came over for dinner and I was able to give them a blessing for getting back to school. They are doing well. Had a great evening together. 
Things are pretty low-key right now. Not much going on except work for me. I am keeping busy enough trying to keep the garden alive with the stupid rabbits. I trapped one this week. Had fun with it and Indy for a while. Then I caught Indy a few days ago. Not sure how long she was in the trap, but likely 24 hours:) 
This week I am going up to the cabins with Bret to get our hunting camp set up. Then going to start 2 hikes per week to get ready. Ribs are still sore though. Gonna try to start back at the gym too. 
Things are good in the changes. Grant Just is doing well. His family is moving this month for sure down in Washington. I will start reloading heavy here pretty soon. Gonna get some powder and lead for the Springfield. Fall is in the air. Getting excited.
Mom and I are celebrating 25 years (Silver anniversary) next Saturday the 5th. Erin and I are looking into going to Louisiana next month. Really need to see Pat. He is on Hospice so may not be around much longer. 
Well, I'll let you go for now. Be strong, work hard, have fun! We love you son and are proud of you!


i Have not recieved any mail( fingers crossed)
they say to only use US mail. NOT ANY OTHERS. DHL,UPS, FEDEX OR ANYthe others will not be accepted.
also it supposivly takes anywhere form 3-6 weeks for them to come.
I love you all!!!
please send pictures of what you are doing . i am doing my best to respond! sorry for the short length.
Elder Baldwin

8/24/2015Wow---your first week out right?

I loved the pictures! Thank you! Your Mission President and his wife feel so loving and great!

You look happy and a little shiny, I spoke with Mr. McConnell on back to school night and he asked about you and he did mention that he was sticky his mission, all the time, so just plan on that but you will adapt. You are blessed that you sweat because you will cool off better and feel better.:) How is your water situation, do you have a water system in your apartment?

   I sent you 2 walmart watches in the mail, Let's hope they make it. Have you received your birthday package yet? I have not been pasting Mary pictures on it, let me know if you think I need to in the future. I tried to see if the Walmart would deliver packages to the mission home--doesn't look like it, can you find out? Is the Walmart in your mission?
     We went to Jackson's homecoming today--he has broadened up as you can tell by the pictures. He misses you and is sorry he has to wait 4 years to see you, he is the same old Jack though in many ways----simple to the point, doesn't want a lot of spinning details. Before Jackson's talk, the choir sang "because I have been given much" and the choir director asked anyone who wanted to come and and sing, come up----you know it Grandma went up and sang, so did J.J. Kelly and Angie flew him in for the weekend, J.J. leaves to go back to Alaska, tomorrow. J.J.had his first date Saturday night.It was with Emilee Bott--she just came home from her mission from Peru, this is the girl who J.J. really has liked for years...YES Emilee is going to BYU with her sister, J.J. plans on taking her out when he gets home at the end of the month----pray for him that it works out.
      Jackons talk lasted 14 min. he split it with another returned missionary. Jack did a fantastic job, he is so real and to the point it was on a change of heart.. I will type his talk and send it to you next week.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!! hope you can bake your cake!💟🎁🎉 xoxxoxo
Te Mandan saludos desde Bountiful y kaysville. Hope all is well in your area with your companion. Who is he and where is he from? Maybe you already sent that info but I didnt get it if you did. How id the food? Are you able to get many investigators? Do you have someone who cooks for you? I'm interested in all the details. Hope you are eating and feeling well. 

Also want to wish you a happy 19th birthday. It's a pretty weird feeling having a birthday in a foreign country. I guess you have seen enough down there to really appreciate what you have here. In a way, it is so much better being among those people because they are humble and appreciate the smallest of blessings. 

So we have called Mike Hukill as a ward missionary along with Eardley. But Eardley wanted time to think about it and has not given the bishop an answer. I sure hope he accepts so we can rock this place. I am trying to build a missionary army here to really shake up Dammeron Valley. I don't care if they reject us. But it will be cool to see who comes back or joins in the process. 

Last Thursday I spent the day with Grayson. He stated that I am definetly on track to promote within the next 2 years. He said that idaho will be open, unless something crazy happens. Which, it likely will, but I at least have something to hope for. Keep me in your prayers to make that happen. I already asked Jim if I can stay with him if it happens before Erin graduates. If it is in 2 years, you'll just be getting home and heading off to school. 

We had fun at the Martinezes this weekend. Jack is still the same ole Jack, but more mature and seasoned with a mission behind him. I spent several hours at cabelas yesterday to kill some time. Was able to soak it all in and enjoy the day. Grandma and Grandpa Barlow asked a lot about you. They are doing well. Joseph had a date with a very cute young lady last night. His business is doing very well in Alaska. I talked to him about Jim going up there next year. 

My ribs are slow to heal. I start this week trying to go to the gym to prepare for October. We will see what happens. I have gotten in to better habits in terms of studying. I need to study my spanish more oo. I hope you get that verb book and your watches this week. 

Well, we love you son. So proud of you and your dedication. You are in our prayers daily. Remember to live and act so that the Holy Ghost can work through you. Have a great week. Voy a matar la perra por ser estupida y porque esta danando mi jardin. 

Hello from the streets of guatemala!
Wow! this week has been such a roller coaster! tuesday we all woke up early at the CCM and got on a bus. we drove to a small chapel that was like 30 minutes away. there we met president caffarro and his wife! they are super nice and i am excited that he will be my mission president for all of my mission. We had a few orientations and the met our trainers! my companions name is elder antonio from mexico city! we get along well! There is still a large language gap for me but every day little by little I understand a little more! Right now i am living in a town called mixco (i think). we are reopening an area called the boulevard! It has been closed for almost a year.there is much work to be done here! there is a beautiful church build and there are more than 500 members! but only about 10% are active. it is a very humble area of the city. the houses mostly small and made of concrete or tin. We eat at the bishops mother in laws house usually twice a day. The food to definetly something im adjusting to but it is good! almost all meals have beans, rice, eggs, and tortilllas or bread. sometimes we have chicken and i think that we had some chicken hearts once but I am often in the dark as to what is happening around me because of the language barrier. in the apartment we have a shower ( cold water) and a concrete sink. we only drink purified water and I have a purified bottle tambien.
Because we are opening an area we do not have a ton of investigators right now but the work is good!One of our investigators is a  hermana whos family is all members and are taking steps to become active again in the mission. Her name is rosalia she has a strong desire to follow the lord and have a more unified family. I am so excited for her! we are doing all we can to help here progress down the strait and narrow path of the lord. 
Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes!I love all of you so much! i am doing well here.

Grant Baldwin

Aug 24 (6 days ago)
to me
Dad! I am so sorry i havent written you much. i have a letter prepared every week but my time is always so short .i want you to know that i love you and i miss you. you are an amazing example to me and i think about you often. It is good to hear that you are progressing in work. I miss the time that we spent togather doing the things that we both love! i Pray for you every day. Love elder baldwin.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Your Birthday is coming up--hopefully your package reaches you by your birthday; it is just a little something including your verb book.

We can't wait to hear about your first area.!

Things here are hot 108 yesterday. We had a fish fry last night with the neighbors across the street, the Shields, (I invited Janet but she said she doesn't like to go to "thoughs types of things and that she was anti social") Mitch, his wife and son from dad's work, Mac and Traegon(Traegon had the most fun catching crawdads and swimming, the Schiffmans came too. Kurt even brought a blue tooth and plugged in some Cajun music all night long---finally even I got sick of it and asked for a change of genre. Dad worked hard all  day and all night, he is such a host! The yard was nice and the food was great! 
   Today I was able to help Erin with her homework-I do not know how long this will last, but I am glad McConnell has homework helps online--such a great teacher!


Its hard to believe that this is the last week in the ccm! the days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days. I cannot describe with words how excited I am for the field. Every time that we are able to leave the ccm and walk to the temple or the distribution center  we try to talk with every person that we can! the people here are so friendly! I cannot wait to actually be able to meet with more of them. They are very willing to speak with us and love talking about their story and their beliefs, I am so blessed to be where I am!
This week has been very similar to most of the other weeks that i have had so far in the ccm as far as the schedule goes. we teach lesson to each other and other mock investigators. Although our spanish is broken and limited our lessons are often the highlight of my day! I love teaching the latino disrticts espeacially. They help the nortes out a lot and I feel that our lessons improve more.
This week we are going to have a lot of orientation devotionals  with our president, President cox. He is a farmer from california. He is a spiritual giant and is amazing at motivating all the missionaries here. He loves getting fired up! President is definetly a ¨´pulpit thumper´¨. I am pretty excited to have an opportunity to listen to his exit devotionals. There is so much to learn from him!
My district is now in the oldest group of missionaries here at the ccm. It is pretty interesting to look back at the new elders and realize that we have only been here for a few weeks.We still have to much to learn!.ALso This week My companion elder stephan became famous throughout the entire ccm. He is a very talanted Musician. He played some hymn melodies that he composed and some other missionaries heard and soon the word spread and so he has been traveling around the ccm and playing for many of the other districts and devotionals. It is pretty amazing. he plays like john schmidt! It is powerful adn the spirit is so strong when he plays. It is so nice to hear good music!
Yesterday evening we had a devotional and were able to hear from our area president. His name is president Duncan His message was poweful. He spoke about the power of the atonement in helping us face the challanges and trials that we all have in life. I have been thinking about this a lot this past few weeks. I am so grateful for the atonement and the peace and joy that i have recieved from it in my own life. Jesus christ has a perfect knoledge of all of our trials in this life. He knows our pains and our insecurities. If we turn to him wiht faith and humility he will help us. I testify that he loves us perfectly. He wants us to come unto him and he has prepared a way for all of us to do so. I am so excited for the opportunity to start serving the lord in the field next week. I love all of you and hope that you are doing well. I pray for you every day! 

I dont know if i will be able to email next week because i will miss my pday. 
I recieved 2 letters it takes 9 days for me to get them in the ccm
I think that i will be able to get the package next week when i get to the mission home.

Elder Baldwin

Monday, August 10, 2015

Dear elder Baldwin

Hello Elder Baldwin! Sounds like you are doing really well :-) we are so excited and proud for you.

We are all doing well here back in Kaysville. We are busy getting Jackson's room ready for him to come home. We leave one week from today to go pick him up :-) needless to say I am crazy excited :-)
It will be nice to have him home. Kelly already has big plans for him to manage Iball LOL.

 In relief society yesterday we learned about marriage and family. We were reminded of the importance of the family unit. I am grateful for my family. I love them and I am grateful for their support. Your mom has been a huge support to me. I feel like we have grown closer the last few years. It's been awesome. Make sure to build strong and lasting relationships with your siblings. Tell them you love them and be good to them :-)

Have a great day! We love you we are praying for you!

Love aunt Angie

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Hi Elder. It was good to get your letters and your last email. Awesome photos of the group there. Sounds pretty awesome. Mom is trying to send the verb book. I thought for sure you took it with you. Its what I used to learn the language faster than most of the others. Sounds like things are moving right along and you will be in your area soon. It's interesting when you are immersed into the culture and into missionary work how everything else becomes not so important. Think about how many lives you will touch. Not only the people there, but likely many missionaries. They will grow from your example and get the strength they need to get through hard times. When you look back, years down the road, you'll wonder how you did it and then you will marvel at the blessings you have in store because of your sacrifice of 2 years of your life. 

Life here has been fun. I injured my knee a month ago, then broke some ribs at the waterslide thing in bountiful at Granpa Barlow's church. That had me down for a while..still does. I can't do much. Then this week I had an emergency root canal on a tooth. But in the midst of it all I took some time and went up and was able to stay with Jim and go to the preston rodeo days. Went to the rodeo twice with Jim and the parade and sidewalk sales, etc. Fun to see everyone. Had a blast with Jim. We went to the airshow there too. Saw Austin and Mike Cordova. I took up a cooler full of crawdads and me, Orland, Rex Steele, and Jim ate a bunch. By the way, i had Richard Swainston do the AR trigger. Its sweet. 3 1/2 lbs pull with no creep. 

Bret got a doe last week and we each have 3 tags left to fill. I'm just trying to recover now. Mom and Erin went to some friends in Burley Idaho on the snake river. Beautiful place. She wants to buy a 2.5 acre lot there now. Everyone says to tell you hi and they are praying for you. I hope you can feel our prayers for you. I'll be waiting to hear how things went this week. I suppose next week you'll be assigned a comp and into your area. Fun times ahead. Work hard, pray hard, and be obedient. I love you and am proud of you. Love Dad.
Hello Grant! 8/10/2015
   You are winding down with your CCM experience, a bitter sweet time. There is nothing like or will every be like it again!....So enjoy your last days.
I have written 3 letters and just sent my 4th on Tuesday....hopefully you will receive it before you leave the CCM. Have you received the 3 so far?

Thanks again for your letter! Love to get emails and written letters. You are so close to the spirit! Keep it up. 

This is the last week of summer for Erin and I, School begins Thursday! Can't believe it; but I feel peaceful and calm when I remember your blessing you gave me; I draw much strength from this.

Hopefully you get your package soon.I sent it last Thursday the Aug. 7th let me know what day you get it so we can gage how long packages take.About how long does it take to get written mail? if you don't know you can start keepting track.

 I sent the package to this address:

Guatemala Guatemala city South Mission
Ave. Reforma 8/60 Galerias Reforma
Torre 2 Nivel 6, 606 Zona 9

In your packet, this was the address we were to mail Packages to.

From now on should we send written letters to this address?
   Guatemala Guatemala City South Mission Apartado Postal 340-A
   01909 Guatemala City 


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Just Got your letters and read them last night!
Thank you so much! It means the world to me and especially Erin, I just mailed Cole's today. 
Thanks again for your words of encouragement for the coming school year, I think back on the blessing you gave me and it brings me peace and comfort.
We can't send packages to the CCM, so I want to send you a birthday package, but it will be late and I will send it to the mission home and they can deliver it to you.  Is there a particular way I should send the package---to I put pictures of Mary etc.?
Hello Elder Grant!

What does CCM stand for?

Your Spanish sounds like it is coming along fine, you are too hard on yourself---give yourself some slack, it has only been 3 weeks; and the spirit accelerates and you have the gift of tongues, when you do your part Heavenly Father helps. So glad you love Guatemala-sounds to different and interesting.
The MTC(CCM?) is so powerful! You are right the spirit is so strong, there is nothing else like it! Take advantage of it and savor it, there will never be another time in your life where you will be able to be filled like this.  It is comparable to when the savior went into the wilderness(CCM) for 40 days before his ministry--he was spiritually fed and then ready to resist temptation and start proselyting. 
      So grateful you get to attend the temple,Do You get to go every week? So great!
I love the fact that you get to teach investigators in the CCM! I did not have that opportunity in the MTC. So these investigators and not mock, they are real? Have they been baptized yet?
    So glad you are sleeping well
You are being filled with the spiritual experiences--devotionals, general/area authorities! So Awesome.

Thank you for relieving my mind about the food situation. Hope your are eating healthy and feeling good.

Erin and I were able to go to Angie Barlow's (Brad's wife, Brad is my cousin) Sister's house on the Snake river on Tuesday!!!! It was so fun, I skied -the water was glass, Erin and I paddle board and we went off this fun slide that went into the river.
Then Dad, Jim and I went to the Rodeo in Preston with the Martinez's, they want to make it a tradition, Dad had so much fun he stayed and went to the Rodeo again so he could watch the air show. We are going to sacrament today(dad up in Riverdale, Erin and I at the Martinez's ) and then we will drive home together today(Sunday) Dad drove up Wednesday in a rental car, the Honda had a recall on the airbags so while they were fixing it dad was able to take a rental up to Idaho--sweet savings on wear and tare of the Honda.
   I had my high school reunion last night, I went to some of it and then to Marcia's wedding in SLC with Melissa.
   Yesterday Erin, Gray, Autumn and I played fun games at Grandma's ---I bought a game on clearance called "gooey Louie---so fun-you pull buggers out if they come out clear, you are safe if a bugger catches, the guys brain blows out and you lose. I know, you wish you could play it.:)

Love you!

Dear grant-8/2/2015
I'm up late making peanut butter bars to mail off for Jackson's last package. It's a special request that he made last week in his email. I guess he can't wait 2.5 more weeks to have one here at home :-)
It got me thinking about you and wondering how you are doing . I'm so proud of you . You are such a great kid. I've loved reading your emails . It sounds like you are trying your best and making the most of your situation . I'm so happy that you are feeling the spirit .
I remember right before Jackson left our neighbors had some good advice for him. They were mission presidents in the Philippines. They told Jackson to be obedient and all would be well. It was the best advice they could have given him.
I know this to be true. We are blessed when we are obedient. You will be protected and happy if you follow the rules and always pray. I hope you have a great week. We love you and are praying for you.

Aunt Ang
This week has been another busy week in the CCM! (centro de capacitacion misional). To start it off our streak of healthy living ended when the entire mtc caught what is we have been calling montazumas revenge. I got it on Tuesday night but i was back in class later in the evening on wednesday! It was pretty rough but thankfully it was just for a day. they treat everything here with Gatorade! 
Other that this week has been fairly normal! we have been teaching more lessons. our investigators are all members that act the part. We always treat them as if they are real investigators. we have been studying Spanish like crazy! there is so much to learn but we all love it! I will say that i wish that i had that verb book that Dad gave me! 
Yesterday a couple of us got to leave the ccm to go to immigration and sign for our visas! I loved being able to get out of the ccm and into my mission area. Immigrations was sort of like a DMV building. We were talking to all the people that we could! It was so much fun, Everybody we talked to was super friendly and willing to talk to us about the church. It really got all us us fired up it was neat because i think i was actually in my mission area. 
in the city there all a bunch of mini mountains kind of separate areas. Its super green. There are pine trees all over too which really surprised me! the drivers here are pretty wild and  they love to use the horn. Also every other car seems like it has some sort of siren on it so there are always sirens going off. I don't think that they are all emergency vehicles but are always on they road. Today we were supposed to go to the central market but it was cancelled because of the upcoming election. The ccm president ended up just buying us all pizza and we had a big volleyball tournament out in the compound. also This morning a big group of missionaries left so it has been quite quiet all day long!Tomorrow there is another large group that will be arriving. If all of them come the ccm will be over capacity and there is a possibility that my district will move into a house down the street by the temple for our final two weeks.It will be exciting to see what will happens, Tonight we are going to have a devotional broadcast from Utah. we don't know who is going to be speaking to us but I am very excited! When does school start for Erin and mom? I got your letter yesterday! thank you so much it was amazing to hear from you. As far as packages go I'm not sure about stickers or anything Like that. I think it would be best to send it to my mission home. If you can please send that Spanish verb book. and candy!
Love elder Baldwin

CCM Picture 8/2015
Grant's District