Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 6, 2017

This has been an Amazing week! In our mission the transfer cycle ended on Tuesday so we traveled to Julapata to say goodbye to the missionaries that were leaving our Zone and to spend a moment together as missionaries. This week we focused on developing a new part of our area and we found a lot of great new people. The rainy season is starting once again and during the heavy afternoon showers, people seem to have mercy on them on the missionaries out in the street. It's incredible to see people that literally have almost nothing invite us in  and offer us the only plastic chair or any chair / bench so that we can visit them. Many times they want to sit on the floor or stand no matter how much we insist they use the chair.
We found one man named Victor Manuel, who is elderly and lives alone, he is  a farmer who is planting corn right now to make his living. We contacted him while he was sitting on a tree stump in front of his house, he told us that we were the first visit that he has had in years and he has he was very grateful for our visit. He is preparing for baptism during the second weekend in June.
Thursday we got up at 2 a.m. and got on the bus to go to the capital for an immigration appointment for my companion traveling in Guatemala. You never know quite what you're going to see on the buses. This time it  seemed as if we had boarded a Mobile Zoo, the other passengers were mostly small animals, little chickens, and dogs. Sunday we also got up early to travel to the neighboring Department of Guatemala Palapa for our Stake conference. The bus that was contacted for our Branch filled up quickly and we decided to stay behind with the branch president to find another way to arrive. The brother of the branch president had his car and we were also able to make it in time for the conference. During the conference I saw a man that I baptized last fall in Jultapa named  Victor and sustain him to receive the Melchezidek Preisthood.
 Pedro Sanchez, an investigator, was also able to attend the conference with us he's preparing to be baptized this Saturday he's doing great and was a little awe struck when he realized that the church is much larger than he originally thought. His lifestyle has changed dramatically in the last few weeks we have been visiting him. At the conference he had tears in his eyes. He told us afterwards he told us that he too wants to serve the Lord we are very excited for him!

I am doing well and I am learning so much from my mission and all of the many people that we meet and visit I love this work I love I hope you all have a great week see you Sunday love , Elder Baldwin


May 7
Hello Familia!

This week has been very good! Pedro sanchez se bautizo yesterday and we are very grateful to see his progression! He is a very humble man who has a desire to serve the lord. Yesterday he shared his testimony during our priesthood class and is was a simple and powerful moment that really strengthened my testimony. It was fulfilling to see his change! It was great to be able to see and speak with you yesterday! Thanks for sending the information that i asked you for! send if for Cole as well if you can! This week we have a goal to help Leslie, Kimberly, and Everilda progress. They are all investigators that we have been teaching for a few weeks! they came to church yesterday and we are excited for their progression! 

We have been studying the life of Christ in the Book of Mormon and as we do so I feel that is is easier to see others as he does. As who they can become.
I love my mission!
I love each of you and hope that you have a great week!
Elder Baldwin

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