Monday, May 29, 2017

I was able to teach the Relief Society lesson today on Eternal Marriage, which tied in with the Gospel Doctrine lesson on the Plan of Salvation. Did you have the same lessons? Here is a quote from President Packer that I love: 

President Boyd K. Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve:
“There are three parts to the plan. You are in the second or the middle part, the one in which you will be tested by temptation, by trials, perhaps by tragedy. …
“Remember this! The line ‘And they all lived happily ever after’ is never written into the second act [of a play]. That line belongs in the third act, when the mysteries are solved and everything is put right. …
“Until you have a broad perspective of the eternal nature of [the plan], you won’t make much sense out of the inequities in life. Some are born with so little and others with so much. Some are born in poverty, with handicaps, with pain, with suffering. Some experience premature death, even innocent children. There are the brutal, unforgiving forces of nature and the brutality of man to man. We have seen a lot of that recently.
“Do not suppose that God willfully causes that which, for His own purposes, he permits. When you know the plan and the purpose of it all, even these things will manifest a loving Father in Heaven” (The Play and the Plan [satellite broadcast, 7 May 1995], 1–2).
This is our last 3 days of school:)


Thursday I am having a Colonscopy because I am 50---It is a routine exam and everything turns out ok I think I have to have one every 10 years. 

Erin and I went to see Nathan Pacheco Friday night in Cedar. It was a last minute thing. Friday morning Dad told me that Nathan P was going to be in Cedar soon. So when I got to work, I looked him up online and his concert was that night! There were seats available, dad couldn't go, but Erin and I were able to so sit four rows from the front. It was the BEST concert. The stage was so intimate and close. It was in the Heritage center so like a small capital theater. I loved every minute of it. Pacheco had a pianist and a cellist. So his instrumental was live for about 90 percent of the time. Nathan Pacheco served a mission in Brazil and also studied Italian. He sings pop and Italian/opera. I normally do not seek opera, but when Nathan sings it, it is amazing. The concert was clean, fun and not loud, perfect sound.

Saturday we had a BBQ that was fun. I invited the Talbots, Cindy Garn and Frank Max field; both of their spouses died this year, the Littels, and Jan and Bill Adams on.  The Adamson's moved into the Just's old home last June

Next week for memorial Day, dad invited his staff from work to come and join us for a BBq. I invited Daniel Pina, who used to live in the house that a girl named Corrina lived.Daniel is not a member, but I have seen him in his yard when I go on a walk on Sundays. I had the thought to "ask Daniel if he wants to come" So I did and he said yes.

this week has been a great week and we have been greatly blessed! I spoke with Thelma and i will contact her sister this week to be able to know how we can plan to meet up. 

We have been seeing miracles in the work here in our area in Asuncion mita. I love this work. 

While thinking about what we can to in our effort to reactivate recent converts that are in our area we decided to follow the example of our family and whip up a BBQ. So my companion and I planned a family home evening and grilled up some meat under a mango tree for 2 large families this past week and afterwords the families told us their concerns. We have since been able to teach according to their needs and I am happy to share that everyone of them was able to join us in church this past Sunday!

We are finding many new people to teach and many investigators are progressing. Today I visited Ixhuatan ( an old area) and saw the chapel that is being build along with recent converts that will enter into the temple this year. I am more than happy and this week we are determined to continue working hard and preparing all those possible to make covenants with Heavenly Father! 

I love each of you. I pray for you and I am thankful for all that you do for me
have a great week!

Today is Sunday. Today when 'Erin and I were getting out of the car 5 min before church, I noticed I had my slip on and not my skirt-that was a first! Fortunately I made it back in time for the sacrament. I had told Erin to save me a spot in the back. So when I went in after the sacrament, she was on the front row. One of the speakers was a return missionary, Clay he served in New Jersey, he came home in November . He gave an excellent talk on keeping the Sabbath day holy. How we need to offer up our sacraments and remember it is a sign between us and Heavenly Father. He also encouraged us to read Doctrine and Covenants 59:There are wonderful promises for keeping the Sabbath day- we will be provided for so he used this with his investigators with great success.
   I had a Colonscopy Thursday. Erin took me in at 7:00 am while I was being prepped, I was talking with the nurses and anastegiologist about the beauty of the drug that I will be put under and wake up an hour and half later. I told them I needed to get the drug to use at Lake Powell so I can sleep at night. So I have an appointment on Thursday; I am going to see if I can get some strong sleeping pills. So everything went great with the procedure, I have a clean bill of health. It was funny though, Erin told me that when I was waking up, I told the nurses that Grant Baldwin was picking me up:) I do not remember that conversation.
    I sent a Nathan Pacheco picture because ERin and I went to his concert last Friday in Cedar! It was so wonderful, intimate and amazing! He sings Italian also, he went to Brazil on his mission and now sings, he is like a David Archuelleta, but older like 30 years old.

 We are having a BBQ tomorrow, dad has invited his staff from work, I invited a nonmember I met when I was walking, so I also invited the Stewarts because Mike Stewart is now the Elders quorem president, the goal is to fellowship him. There are pictures of the pool, we put up new lights. 

Last night was Alyssa Staheli's wedding, They were married in the Stahleis back yard. Very pretty, Erin went and helped decorate.Great food, dad was mad at me today because I ate all of the mints that we brought home. They were in the middle console of the car. I didn't think he really even liked the mints. I think we should get him a year supply for Father's Day and call it good:) By the way you are scheduled to speak on Father's day, June 18th at 9:00am, I hope that is OK.

Jordan and Camilla came up tonight because Jordan needed Dad to give him a blessing. Jordan is going to Flagstaff tomorrow to begin the Police Academy program! so yes they are moving. It is sad, we will not see them again until December, they will be up for a couple of days.

How are Marcotulio and Everilda?
Love, xxixoxoxoxo

Jerrika had her 8th birthday yesterday. Her baptism is next Saturday. We were wiggle racing at Veyo, it is a lot safer than roller skating, speaking of clumsy, Grandma Barlow fell over a cabinet yesterday and landed on her face mostly. She is black and blue, lost a tooth, and another tooth is loose! but no broken bones:).

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